Farmers Market(s) in Berlin

Farmers Market(s) in Berlin

Searching for an appropriate farmers market in Berlin is as easy as difficult. Depending on your likes and whishes you´ll be faced with a more or less enormous choice of possible places to go and discover. Every suburb has its own standard-, special-, organic- and local markets. In case you look for organic grown victuals, wholefood products / organic food („Biolebensmittel“) or fair trade products you should focus on a special organic farmers market called „Öko-Markt“ in German (sometimes also called „Ökomarkt“, „Bio-Markt“, „Bauernmarkt“ or „Bio-Wochenmarkt“). This type of market offers you a manifold selection of high-quality and mainly local produced food and products. If you rather search for exotic food-specialities, fancy handcrafted things and arts you should, not instead but in addition, think about visiting a conventional German farmers market (which – by the way – often also offers organic and fair trade stuff and natural food / „Naturkost“).

A useful and informative possibility to find your most fitting and/or nearest farmers market in Berlin (and Germany) is our listings and descriptions of hundreds of farmers markets in Germany. Just make use of the „Märkte“-button on the menu bar on our mainpage and you see a detailed selection of farmers markets in Germany (Wochenmärkte in Deutschland). Click your city and your suburb and all the markets located in your area will be shown. By clicking an explicit market a detailed overview including informations about sellers, the products and the history of each market is given. Another way to search for particular farmers markets in Berlin and Germany is to use the search bar on our website. Enjoy native foods, best quality products, handcrafted accessoires, fashion and expert advices at your local farmers market in Germany!!!

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